Back, Refocused and Re-branded.

                                                                                                    Back in 2009, I was worZig Ziglar Quote 1king at job that wasn’t within the area that I went to school for – go figure. I was happy and started to think that maybe I should stay within this arena and flourish. I knew that wasn’t my desired niche and focused. While daydreaming + working as most of us do – I overheard that the company’s stock was well under $5/share. This is a big red flag – rather you work for the company or own stock. From being well networked within the company, I learned that the company was planning on being sold to another company and most of the positions were being outsourced. I took that information and started figuring out what I wanted to do within life and become serious about it.

Fast forward to August 2009 and I was given my pink slip with 2 weeks pay. To only agree to it by my 25 Birthday. Nothing to be happy about – for most. Yet for me- I was happy a bit. I wanted to brand myself within the areas of Marketing, Digital and the budding land of Social Media. From that point I started playing with different brand names — Niche Value (a play off my name) and then landed on The Brand Amplifier. That name stuck for years and my blog kept that name until December of last year. So from June 2009 to December 2014 – I went under the name of The Brand Amplifier. What the heck changed? My brand.

I had this wild dream of creating this agency and conquering the world. I still have this dream, but I wanted to establish myself a the dynamic brand that it is today. I wanted to give information + insight on areas that I gave a damn about: Branding, Social Media, Digital and being the best professional yet. While I am still growing on the latter, I have come light years beyond whom I was from 2009 and during the Brand Amplifier Stage.


Will I still blog? – without a shadow of a doubt.I'm Back

Will I still consult? – You bet.

So what? I want to start building my brand as a thought leader and expand my reach. And what better of a way to do it as myself. Not a swanky name or ghost name, but as what my resume, social media accounts and my amazing Mom named me – Nadia C. Vanderhall. That brand is just as amazing as the pioneer focus. The blog and brand will still anchor within amplifying brands for businesses and professionals, but from the voice of myself.

For those looking to brand themselves – don’t be afraid to be yourself and refocus your brand as you go higher in life and career. Want an example? You see that shiny iPhone, Samsung or device you hold constantly throughout the day? The brand that created it constantly developed and got better. What makes their brand better than your own? Not a thing.

Never be afraid to go higher!


2 thoughts on “Back, Refocused and Re-branded.

  1. Brands change all the time. I just finished reading #GirlBoss. The author shared to take smaller steps versus large leaps. I think it similar in branding. You will evolve and grow gradually to where you need to be. Good luck!

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