A new look on ‘Goal tending’

In many sports you hear the word “goal tending” from either hockey or basketball. While in those sports, you will receive a volitation or foul. But in the world of professional + personal development, we tend to apply that same theory to our own goals. We create these magical goals days leading up to January 1st and fall off within a few days. Why? We don’t want to validate the goaltending theory. When in all actuality the purpose of having a goal is to tend to it, nurture it and see it manifest before our eyes.

Some companies set the same type of goals for their brand, products and revenue each year – their approach to it is totally different. They have a theme for their year and break it up into forecast. After doing that, they break that bigger ‘theory’ down into chunks – which are quarter focuses.

Tip #1: Having a bigger goals is not a bad thing – how you implement them or execute them is the core to seeing them as achievable. Say for instance you want to get your dream job in your field or a field you never stepped one toe in. Scale those goals out  into chunks or steps. Progress will be your fuel to keep going.

We are in the last few weeks of this year – where has the year gone, right? To good use! Positive thinking will always yield positive results – no matter the environment. A key element to goaltending is to reflect back over the last 3 quarters and asses your wins + losses (kill this “loss” word starting now).

Reflection Steps (You will need: 3 sheets of paper, something to write with and positive thinking):

Step 1: Take out a sheet of paper (Sheet #1)  and make three columns. Label them: Project/ Goal for the 1st one, Check box with Win + Insight (we don’t lose over here, we win) and for the last column label it learning lessons.

Step 2: Think back over the year, if you have to pull out another sheet of paper (Sheet #2)  and write them out. After you list them, transfer them to the sheet of paper mentioned in Step 1.

Step 3: Take all of those list and write it out, make it plain. The core to this step is to take the last column into clear perspective. What did you learn. How did that event provide lessons to help shape your goals, you as a person and your future. You learn from everything you do.

Bonus Step 4: On the last sheet of paper take that last column from Sheet #1 and make a new list for Sheet #3. This list will focus on unlocking a theme into what makes you great. This connects back to forecast element that I mentioned above. This is how most companies set their forecast baseline- how did the perform YOY (year on year). History can repeat itself, but using this method will help you rewrite history. This page is to help you will identifying potential goals and risks to prepare for. This will act as your ‘cheat sheet’ for 4Q15 and 1H16 (the first half of 2016).  

Tip #2: This method doesn’t just help with goals, it helps with those end of the year reviews for work. Most of the time your boss will not remember every win or insight you gain over the year. Doing this now or over the course of a year will help you align yourself for promotion and/or bonus when the magical time comes.

Goal, Basketball Quote

Goal tending  now has a new approach when it comes to your crushing your goals! Break pass those violation and get the ‘W’ for the game of life. And a closing tip: Check in with your goals – often. Doing this at least quarterly will allow you to revamp or reconfigure things to keep you on track. Don’t let the progression of where you are with your goals keep you for pursuing them. Brands and people have vision. When you understand what your overall vision is for your life, the goals in which you set will allow them to flow easier. Will the goals that you wish to achieve be easy? Not always. But will the goals you set and nurture be worth it? Most. Definitely


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