Fail Up. What Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Experience Teaches Us.

Ah haIf you have a pulse, you would have heard through Word of Mouth or through Social Media (hashtags gone wild) about Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Experience. Through the dialogue, there have been a great response – both positive and lackluster. Oh, to make a mistake – on national television. While many of those lackluster responses displayed that they never made a mistake in life, the law of life says otherwise. One of the most interesting comments I have read is that “You had one job Steve – ONE!”; while this is true – it goes in many directions.

Failing up is one of the greatest things that someone can go through no matter if you are worker at McDonald’s or the CEO of the same company. In an article from Forbes backs this this theory to the T. In many situations, how you respond to learning situations is what shows your character and your inner sense of self. Many would see this situation that Steve Harvey is currently experiencing as a big black X on his career progression. There are a series of things that I will highlight that shows you are insight points to learn from.

  1. Research. Steve Harvey instantly researched after calling the wrong contestant to see if he was indeed wrong and how to fix this – immediately. When going through a learning spurt, we need to take stock of what we are dealing with. Understanding where you are in a space in time allows you to better respond to that situation. Steve Harvey had production and PR on standby to create the best action plan.
  2. Respiration (Breathe). Simple isn’t it? Why yes, it is! I have dealt with some major learning situations for brands that I have worked with or for – trust me. But this is a major key! Take time out to center yourself and surrender that research to the greater good of that set situation. I’m sure that Steve took a ton of deep breathes minutes during and after that sticky point.
  3. Respond. How you respond to a storm determines how long you stay within it. The fact that Steve apologized to the contestants personally and publicly speaks volumes. Along with the messaging in the response is the timely manner in which you do so. The fact that he did this publicly in a quick turn around is commendable. Many of celebrities and public figures have waited days to respond to what might appeal to be a crisis. The longer you wait to deal with a situation, that more intense the reaction will. Is he catching it now, Definitely. Would it have been better if he would have waited? Negative. Steve and his team centered themselves in the situation and created a plan to handle it no matter the direction in which the ship will sail.
  4. Reflect. I am sure that Steve Harvey is replaying and replaying again that moment in time within his mind. Heck, I know I have over the hours since. But one thing I am sure that due to his interactions with Oprah, that he isn’t beating himself up – but reflecting on the learning moments of this situation. Reflection is more productive than beating yourself up. Is it easy to be hard on yourself, yup. But you learn more about yourself and your leadership niche when you go through muddy waters. Mistakes are opportunities for us to reflect on how to respond to a situation like this or even on varying scales of opportunity. Reflection gives you a foundation for projection to greater.
  5. Reconfigure. I am sure that as you are reading this, there are a number of action steps that his stellar team will put in execution mode. No matter if is reading the wrong name on a cue card or getting fired for a mishap – you can always fail up. You can always take each experience as a learning curve to go to another level in self, career and any area of life you select. Some people use opportunities like these and either get better or get bitter. When you learn from a thing, you can earn a new sense of excellence in which you want to go towards.

Do learning moments like this hurt? Heck yeah. But, Those 5Rs can build your character to yield something much more than the confusion, anger and embarrassment that comes from it. Each circumstance like this creates us a chance to get what we are suppose to gain.

Transparent Moment: Every time that I either laid off, let go or fired – I took each situation in a different scope, but each took me a step higher than I was going into said situation. Truth! These 5Rs that I aforementioned what has allowed me to dream more, execute more and be more!

No matter what issues we encounter, those provide opportunities to grow into that great person that desire to be. Great people have been created from great oppression!


2 thoughts on “Fail Up. What Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Experience Teaches Us.

  1. Well said… We all need to remember that people are human and need to be forgiven for their mistakes. But learning a lesson from your mistakes is even better. AND learning from other’s mistakes is priceless. Great article.

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