Why Sway? Understanding the Why of What you do

KanyeAndSwayIf you are a Kanye West Fan, Stan or Don’t understand – you know the interview that he had with Sway Calloway in which I am referencing. If not, here is the link. Anywhoo, during that interview Kanye would consistently ask Sway if he knew the answers. One of the funniest interviews in pop culture, but that question sparked something for me. Why Sway? Why are you doing what you do?

Just as you were in grade school and you had to learn ‘The 5 Ws’ – that is one lesson that still holds weight as an adult. Those questions have been a way of formulating or analyzing rhetorical questions since many could remember. One of the questions that has always stuck with me is “Why”. This question can help million dollar campaigns shift focus in an instance and it the question of why certain brands do the things they do.


Even as when we were children, we were asked what we wanted to be what we grew up. No follow up questions- just straight answer, no chaser. In a way, the “why” was bui5ws Solutionslt into answering the “what” of that question.  But as we moved through life that same enthusiasm that we had for what we wanted to be when we grew up or what we wanted to do 3 Tuesdays from now changed drastically. It did for me.

As you know for me this isn’t my 1st go at doing blogging. Back in 2010 I believe I started blogging to help establish myself within the marketing space. That core “Why” of what I was doing it hasn’t changed, but the motive has shifted over the last 6 years. Marketing isn’t just something that I majored in during my college years (which I didn’t), it is something that I have passion for. A lot of the experiences that I have had over the years has really tested that “Why” – to the core. When you are around people who are supposed to hold some sort of passion, that can rub off on you.

Along with that, I stopped blogging for another reason – I expected people whom I supported to automatically provide me with the ROI as I have once given them. That is a major reason why some people don’t stick with their dreams. Our focus shifts from the core of “why” we are doing a set thing vs going through an encyclopedia of doing this said dream (revenue, insta-fame, etc). As grade school as that sounds, that is true. I know I am not the only person who either felt that need to give up or did due to that reason among many other reasons.

Understand Your Why

No matter if you are going for that entry-level job or even trying to move into management, unlocking the core many reasons of “Why” you are doing it will help you position your stance in going after that goal. For instance, ‘Why am I applying for this role?’ Yes, your banking account says you need to – but how does this role act in the steps to your plan to grow in your profession? Before going into a career shifting meeting (from interview to year-end review to even a networking event), asking yourself a series of why formatted questions can allow you to focus more and executed with clarity.

Even if you are a startup – when you are going for investors or funding, that question hold huge weight in how that meeting will go. Trust me, understanding the “Why” of your biz or key elements could be the difference in gaining investors or configuring bootstrapping methods. ‘Why should I target this set of investors to invest into my business?’.

Though these questions may seem elementary, building with foundational ideas/ questions is where the learners and earners set apart from the wishers and watchers.

As Kanye asked Sway if he had all the answers – Sway proved that not just not being allowing the answer due to an over-excited Kanye, but no one has allll the answers. Except Google. But that isn’t the point. You don’t have to have all of the answers, but as my previous words state that answering the question of “Why” can lead you to knowing those questions that yield growth, results and steps to where you are destined to be.


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