Reflection: My Perfectly Imperfect Growth on “The Perfectly Imperfect Grind” Podcast

podcast 1  A few weeks ago, I had a great colleague from my undergraduate years reach out to me to hop on an episode of her podcast. At first, I thought I was bugging out and then I had to take a step back to analyze what this meant. Beyond the fact that I love to talk and connect people – I LOVE deep diving with the advice. No matter if the platform is one of seriousness or sarcasm – it is one of the many things that make me who I am. The thing that most people fail to do with their growth in life is learning how to bridge the gap from “work me” to “world me”. No matter what your profession is or what one desires it to be – some people are caught at how to be consistently authentic in this journey. In some capacity – we all have dealt with this; while some still do.

When Jasamine Hill over at The Fear Hurdler (a dope person + website by the way) reached out about her “The Perfectly Imperfect Grind” podcast, I was a cup of happy, confused and scared with me stirring it up. Her platform is impeccable and insightful. She has had dope people on there in the past. I was happy to be thought of to join the ranks of those interviewed, random thoughts ran through my head like Olympic track team. This was the same country girl whom many said wouldn’t go on to college was going to be on a podcast. Me (echoes in Kanye). Many times in my career walk has been seen as a failure was now being asked to share her thoughts on branding and what not. The person who got off the lane to greatness due to the speed limit not moving fast enough was now being given the opportunity to unplug her Tesla dreams to accelerate her greatness.

podcast 2

See, when I 1st started blogging many moons ago – I struggled with the “work me” vs “world me” struggle when it came to tone and positioning. This internal struggle didn’t just happen with le blog – but it happened when I was out networking or even on the 9-5. While, both people (‘work me’ vs ‘world me’) were pretty darn dope – it was like harsh addition of tug of war internally. It wasn’t pretty either; it had me second questioning a ton of things, especially myself  + abilities. From that my blog suffered and I shut the joint down or let it lag into the sunset. I even drifted off into a professional rut.

One of my gems from this situation would be to take ownership in your greatness and stop checking your side-view mirrors to see what others are doing.

I would like to salute (and Thank) Jasamine for the insightful questions that touch on both of my audience segments – business and professionals. The focus of the podcast was ‘How to Create your Opportunity through Branding’. Pretty amazing positioning – no matter if you are a business or a professional. A few of the questions she hit on were:

  • How can we take our brand to the next level?
  • Branding goes wrong. Biggest mistakes you see people make?
  • How can we be innovative when it seems like everything has been done?

Apodcast 3long with some insight on my personal journey, she asked great questions on branding, my favorite tools and some pop culture!  The responses I gave are transferable no matter if it is for your personal brand or a business brand. Just as my advice + insight on my blog is transferable – learn to gain insight no matter the source or perspective the source is giving you!


I can say over the last 3 years that I have been able to not only be more authentic, but connect that bridge between “work me” vs. “world me”. It has helped me beyond words to say. My voice has changed not only on the blog- which I love more, but it also transitioned into my take on clients and how I handle Corporate America. Yes, I do both. I like to stay busy. That ‘voice’ has had me sit and share my insights with CEO + C-Suite members. When I looked at my document of professional accomplishments over the years, you will see a dynamic increase as the merger/transitioned happen. That there speaks volumes!

Take a listen to the podcast (I ran my mouth for over an hour!), gain a different perspective and of course share away. Excuse if a bit of the country girl comes out throughout the podcast – this is what makes me great. Hmmk!


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