10428537_10205867819082977_5291617846828591886_n   To sum me up: ‘Brand Creator. Tech Lover. Digitally Intuitive. Strategy Architect. Marketing + Trend Geek.’


Since a young age, I have always wanted to know everything. Not like a ‘know it all’ – those were the most picked on in school. Even though I was the picked on my interest to know as much as possible grew as the I grew older. It was through a popular court case in the 90s (think a white Bronco) where I saw this gentleman speaking. Everyone would ask him questions and BAM he would know the answer. Kindred spirits, right? Well I asked my teacher who was that – and she stated that he was a Publicist. That moment in time was what clicked into what my life would be like later in life. Not to know it all (well sorta), but to be sure of what you do know – then telling others about it.

Though my remote interest did not bloom into PR per say, it did yield some insight in how to package certain things, people and events to make them connect to the appropriate audience. After graduating from college and with a few internships, jobs and projects under my belt… I was left jobless and awaiting the end of my 6 months grace period until Sallie Mae would come knocking. This was around the time that Facebook was solely just for college kids. I was unsure of what was next and scared like hell that I didn’t have a slight idea how to create the life I dreamed about many moons ago.

From taking the 1st job smoking straight out of college – I got laid off. Fun times. But, during those years in that role, I started to tune into what was great about myself – as a person and professional. I then started using the great thing we know as Google to discover, find or stalk that in which I wanted to be. That job that was sent to India hurt like hell – but it birth in me the season that would place me in the direction I wish to be.

From that point, I created myself to be the professional and budding thought leader that I am currently. I started using resources and insights to push me and work hard as hell to establish. My 10 years of progression in this growing space is proof that I am not afraid to jump and create what seems not to be there. This platform’s intention is to show that rather it be through a blog post – a consultation – or another type of resource. I brought myself from being laid off (2x) to growing into someone who uses a keen formula to constantly progress and redevelop. Join me on my journey…

‘Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.’

-Steve  Jobs


The slogan, Amp Your Brand, isn’t just a cliché for what brand stands for – to connects to creating an experience to brands to constantly grow.  Through the experience that brands gain for connecting with us, I merge the proper outlets to allow brands to see results.  No brand is alike, so my experience is manufactured towards that individual client.

‘The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.’

 – Simon Mainwaring


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